3 tips for selling a home during winter

While you may not have a fireplace to set the ambiance, turning the heat up a little can make a difference when trying to sell your home in the winter.

While winter may not be the ideal time to sell a home, sometimes it's unavoidable. And, people are buying during the colder months. However, selling during the winter does require a little additional prep and consideration, so anyone thinking about putting their home on the Sacramento housing market should keep these tips in mind to maximize the chances of a fast sale.

Heating - While you would normally want to keep the heat around 67 degrees to save on your utility bill, when you're showing a house try to keep it a little warmer, somewhere between 70 and 75 degrees. This will make it more comfortable to walk through and enhance the cozy, wintertime appeal of the property.

Landscaping - Landscaping, or at least keeping your yard well-groomed through the winter, plays a huge role in selling. Make sure to keep walkways shoveled and free of ice, and prevent unnecessary snow build up on the curb and yard around your home – this will reduce the visual appeal of the property. If you can, try to keep a crisp, unbroken layer of snow in the front yard, as will in increase curb appeal. Having a snowman or fort (if you have children) can also enhance the wintertime look of your home.

Lighting - The sun rises later and sets earlier in the winter, so increasing the amount of lighting around your home, inside and out, is important when you're trying to sell it. Stringing up white holiday lights outside can help to illuminate the exterior, while adding accent lights inside will help the home feel cozier and more inviting.

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